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Director of Active Curriculum

November 17, 2022

REPORT TO: Head of School

 CLASSIFICATION: Full-Time, Exempt from overtime requirement of the Fair Labor Standards Act

This senior administrator is responsible for the school’s programs in the Active Curriculum, which include sports, work crews, interim, and the outdoor program. The Director of Active Curriculum assists the school in its overall mission to educate and develop the character of students. This position oversees the Teaching Fellow Program.  The Director of Active Curriculum reports directly to the Head of School and attends CRMS Trustee meetings when available.


  • Communicate active curriculum philosophy, policies, and procedures to the school community;
  • Chair the Active Program Committee
    • Meet weekly, managing agenda and ensuring that minutes are posted.
  • Member of the Risk Management Committee
    • Serve along with Head of School and Chief Finance & Operations Officer as one of the school’s safety officers, helping to monitor active program compliance and faculty compliance with the school’s safety as it relates to the active curriculum;
    • Ensure industry best practices are in place with regard to risk management within the active curriculum, including compliance and coordination with insurance carriers;
    • Meet as needed.
  • Member of the Buildings and Grounds Committee
    • Meet as needed.
  • Member of the Executive Team and Education Team to ensure transference and an interdisciplinary approach across programs
    • Both committees meet weekly.
  • Act as the administrative representative for the school’s active curriculum 
    • Meet as needed with individuals from the development office, maintenance, parent-relations, admissions, and registrar to help respond to day-to-day challenges with programs.
    • Respond to parents, outside agencies, faculty, contracted help, and the public in general as it relates to the active curriculum at CRMS;
    • Meet with the Head of School on a weekly basis to plan and communicate essentials.


  • With the approval of the Head of School, Hire, staff, supervise, assist, and evaluate all instructors for active curriculum programs (including sub-contracted employees);
    • Oversee the supervision, assistance, and evaluation of all faculty, including program managers who share responsibilities in the active curriculum;
    • Oversee the Director of Outdoor Program;
    • Oversee the ten-day CRMS Wilderness Session, fall and spring trips, and interim.
    • Oversee on-call protocols for Wilderness, Fall and Spring trips.
  • Work with the Outdoor Program Director to coordinate
    • Faculty and staff orientation sessions
    • First-aid training, and
    • Professional development in relevant areas;
    • Ensure appropriate med-kits for outdoor trips, service crews, and any school-related excursions.
  • Principally lead the design, implementation, and evaluation of the service and sport programs within the active curriculum;
    • Oversee the hiring, supervising, assisting, and evaluating of Teaching Fellows;
    • Oversee budget and finance for all aspects of the active curriculum, including outdoor program, many seasonal sports programs, and Interim;
    • Manage land-use agreements and recreation permits with land management agencies with the support of the Director of Outdoor Programs;
    • Coordinate with outside agencies regarding projects, public relations, and payment for use on public lands;
    • File annual reports with each of the land management agencies;
  • Implement a registration process for each of the 4 quarters that the Active Curriculum operates.
  • Schedule and coordinate active curriculum programs in conjunction with the mission of the school.
    • Assign faculty and manage their individualized commitments to individual programs;
    • Work with the school registrar to register students for active participation at outset of each of 4 quarters.
    • Oversee the drop/add of each individual student for each of their active commitments for each of 4 quarters.
    • Resolve individual internal and external conflicts for staff and students participating in the active curriculum as it relates to their individualized agreements with the institution.
  • Maintain relationships, working agreements, and financial obligations to all outside agencies involved in the active curriculum (i.e., Aspen Ski Company, rock guides, river guides, coaches, blacksmiths, etc.)
  • Monitor student participation in active curriculum and assist in arbitrating disagreements and cases of objection;
    • Coordinate with the Business Manager and Maintenance Department to determine work projects for work crews;
    • Coordinate with the facilities crew to ensure that vehicles are assigned to active programs in an appropriate way;
  • Coordinate and schedule the annual Work Day and the Scholarship Work Day;
  • Oversee the communication plan for crisis support during Wilderness Fall and Spring Trips;
    • Rent satellite phones for Wilderness, Fall Trip, and Spring Trip; purchase and maintain in-reach devices
  • Assist in managing the Active Curriculum Office’s communication channels: AV-tech, bulletin boards, newsletter highlights, and the like.


  • Based on background and experience, will likely be in the classroom, supporting the college counseling office or another similar duty.
  • Participation in the active program on trips and interim and in the weekday program as deemed necessary based on availability.


  • Serve as an advisor to approximately 5-7 students;
    • Meet weekly with advisee-group;
    • Contact each advisee parent no less than 8 times a year.
    • HHJ and All-School Clean programs
    • Formal Dinner set-up

RESIDENTIAL DUTIES INCLUDE: [if position resides on campus]

  • Serve on a Weekend Duty Team throughout the year as the administrator on duty, providing supervision to the dorms throughout periodic weekends during the year;
  • Serve on a residential program team during the week as designated by the Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life.


  • Schedule all competitive athletic events.
  • Hire and coordinate compensation for athletic trainers;
  • Order and pay for equipment and clothing and gear in each of the programs as needed;
  • Assist in ensuring the maintenance of the athletic fields and playing areas and related equipment;
  • Oversee school’s participation and general requirements as a member of Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA);
  • Serve the welfare of the students by enforcing Colorado State High School Athletics Association’s ethical codes;
    • Hire coaches and assistant coaches as needed;
  • Serve as public relations contact for local newspapers;


  • Due to the nature of this summer program, review active staffing with the director and ensure appropriate skill levels.


  • Maintain professional status and continue to stay current by attending trainings, conferences, and symposiums

CRMS is a college-preparatory independent boarding school located in the mountains of western Colorado. We provide students with a transformative education through an inclusive community on our campus, a rigorous academic program in our classrooms, and experiential learning on our public lands.

CRMS seeks to be a learning environment where diverse students and faculty can challenge their intellect, hone life skills, share a respect for the outdoors, and develop character. We are a community that welcomes and values differences so that we may understand, grow, and support each other in our quest for a culture of inclusion, equity, and belonging. Faculty dedicated to promoting these values, and those from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, are strongly encouraged to apply.

SALARY: $60,000 includes on-campus housing

TO APPLY: Complete the CRMS Employment Application and send it along with a cover letter and resume to [email protected].