ACIS accredits, supports, and advances the interests of Colorado independent schools.

Requirements: Successful candidates will have a bachelor’s degree and be qualified to teach high school social studies. Additional background in language arts and/or mathematics a plus.

Salary/Benefits: Denver Academy offers competitive salaries, excellent health and retirement savings benefits and on-campus training.

Description: The Denver Academy teacher is responsible for executing Denver Academy’s mission of inspiring and empowering diverse learners through student-centered, differentiated and transformative education. This includes oversight and responsibility for students, program, and day-to-day operations in the classroom. The teacher is also responsible for communicating with parents, and acting as liaison with other division classrooms and the rest of the DA community.


  • Maintains a safe and respectful learning environment

  • Responsible for developing effective and purposeful lesson plans

  • Work in partnership with Deans, Heads and Program Team for effective delivery of DA program and content

  • Differentiates lessons to meet diverse learning styles

  • Stays current with DA program


  • Effective communication with parents

  • Conferencing as needed with parents during scheduled conference times

  • Maintain electronic gradebook

  • Supervision before school, during lunch and after school

  • Responsible for testing and assessment

  • Responsible for updating student files and anecdotal records

  • Responsible for completing grades and report cards before deadlines


  • Models professionalism for the classroom and the division

  • Positively represents the DA community

  • Models conflict resolution at all levels

  • Models respect and responsibility

Additional Responsibilities (as appropriate)

  • Committees

  • School Functions, such as: Open House; Dances, Plays and Sporting Events; High School Information Night, Saturday School

  • In-service attendance and teacher training

How to apply:  

Interested candidates should send resume and cover letter to [email protected]