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Interventionist for 4th & 5th grade (Elementary)

August 9, 2023 - June 1, 2024


Escuela de Guadalupe is a private, Catholic dual-language PK-8th  grade school of excellence in Denver.  Our school was founded by a culturally rich community which fully intends to provide children an affordable option for quality private education and a commitment to prepare students for graduation from college-prep high schools. At Escuela de Guadalupe, the spiritual, culturally relevant and compassionate environment supports the healthy development of each child while we are able to achieve high academic expectations and intellectually rigorous curriculum.  In addition, all children at Escuela de Guadalupe are committed to full academic literacy across all content areas in both English and Spanish.  Therefore, a talented person who is a native speaker of English, and has a serious interest in contributing to the long-term success of our students is essential.

Responsibilities:  This description is not intended to be all inclusive as much as it is to define some of the major job responsibilities. 

  1. Support literacy and language development 

    1. Plan with teachers to develop lessons and learning activities for literacy instruction in appropriate groupings for target language instruction. Teachers and interventionists should have a weekly planning time, led by the teacher of record (objectives, strategies, and materials). This should be reflected in the lesson plans submitted by the teacher of record. Planning with the teacher and interventionist could occur during specials or before school at 7:45 - 8:15 am.

    2. Lead small group learning to support literacy and language development, supported by intentional planning with the classroom teacher. The teacher and interventionist are expected to plan and discuss student progress frequently with data and evidence.  

    3. Provide intervention for individual students and small groups, with clear objectives for each student based on assessment results. This should be supervised by the teacher. 

    4. Record anecdotal data about your work with students for effective, consistent communication with the classroom teacher.

    5. Support communication with parents to include parent-teacher conferences, emails, phone calls and personal conversations during their work hours. 

    6. Attend and participate in weekly PLC meetings.

  1. Support the program goals in Math. While the teacher is in charge of instruction, the interventionist supports students via activities and practice during group work or independent practice.

    1. Speak in the language of instruction and find alternative ways to support students’ understanding without translating or using the other language (visual vocabulary support, definitions, explanations in language of instruction)

    2. Model questioning and language that supports complex thought development; ask students questions that help them think about the answers, rather than giving them the answers. Keep teachers informed on which students are struggling or have common misunderstandings.

    3. Help to prepare materials for classes to support learning, small groups, vocabulary development, etc during planning time.  

    4. Interventionists can lead small groups based on PLC objectives and assessments in coordination with the teachers.

    5. Interventionists will be a support in the classes with the students while the teachers are doing the instruction. They will need to share the information about how the students are progressing. They will not teach, create, or assess whole-group homework. This is the responsibility of the teachers but the interventionist must be aware of student progress, grades, and any feedback to students and parents. 

  1. Supervise lunch, recess and snack times

    1. Support the culture of the school and monitor students’ well-being and safety during the teacher’s break times.

    2. Support positive social interactions and Restorative Justice problem-solving strategies with students

    3. Model the values of our school culture throughout the day and during interactions with students, teachers and parents.

  1. Fulfill the mission and goals of the school

    1. Build positive relationships with adults and children in school

    2. Be positive about children in communication with students, parents, teachers and staff.

    3. Value the integrity of both Spanish and English as tools for thinking,  reasoning, problem-solving, expression and intellect

    4. Support community events that are critical to maintaining the school culture, financial model and student enrollment at our school


It is expected that interventionists should be continually learning more to fully realize their potential in this job. Interventionists are expected to be enthusiastic participants of training at Escuela de Guadalupe including staff development, specialized training and book study groups. All interventionists are expected to abide by the school calendar, arrive by 7:45 and work until 4:30, with a break for lunch and planning. 

Personal Characteristics

Interventionists must support the cultural, spiritual and academic goals of the school by modeling compassion, love and care for the children.  Interventionists must demonstrate patience and a positive attitude about their work to ensure that every student has an academically rich experience and fully develops their cognitive and language abilities.  They should also contribute to an environment of enthusiasm and dedication.  Interventionists must be trustworthy and responsible.  Interventionists should also be good communicators and able to solve problems in a positive manner.  Above all, interventionists must truly believe that every child, without exception, can succeed and they must be willing to work to support students and teachers to make that happen.


  • Teaching and/or performing interventions with students. A teaching license is preferred

  • Minimum 3 years of successful intervention experience

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred

Additional Skills 

  1. Excellent language skills are critical and a willingness to provide verbal interaction with students both in and out of class  

  2. Bilingual reading, writing and speaking skills are required

  3. Content knowledge and enthusiasm for learning, reading and writing, and math

  4. Effective in managing and supervising students

  5. Organized, flexible and reliable


  • Professional development including staff development, conferences, specialized training, and book study groups. 

  • Reduced tuition for teacher’s children enrolled at Escuela de Guadalupe ($1,000 annual tuition). In this situation, tuition will be reduced to $500 for the second half of the year. New tuition payment will be effective starting with the January 2023 payment.

  • Medical and Dental benefits

  • Retirement plan – 403b

  • Salary based on experience - scale starting at $43,745