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Watershed School

Middle School Mathematics Educator

Join us, and help shape the future of education.

Watershed is a 6-12 independent school in Boulder, Colorado with a progressive educational model that is research-based, future-focused, and community-centered. We know that students learn best when engaged in learning not just about the world, but in the world and for the world. 

Watershed seeks a passionate, energetic full-time middle school math educator to begin August 8, 2022.  Our math program incorporates project-based approaches and emphasizes a focus on data science and engineering.  Teachers have significant collaborative planning time, and work to engage students regularly in learning from experiences and experts outside the classroom.

Teaching at Watershed also includes, among other duties, leading an advisory group, engaging in orientation camping trips, teaching a May Term course (a mix of domestic travel with middle school and international travel with high school), and participating in extensive professional development, including the school's annual Traverse conference.

The ideal candidate will have 

  • A deep commitment to progressive educational ideas and practices.

  • 3+ years experience teaching math (preferably at the middle school level).

  • Consistent record of working to innovate and improve their teaching through both experimentation and professional learning

  • Experience with the development, documentation, and assessment of innovative math curricula

  • Proven ability to collaborate effectively

  • Broad global and multicultural competency

  • Strong interpersonal skills with a wide range of adolescents

  • Experience leading outdoor trips

  • Ability to travel on overnight trips, including international travel, for durations up to two weeks long

  • Have, or be able to obtain by August 1, 2022, either WFA or WFR certification

Compensation: We have a salary scale that currently ranges from $48,000-$75,000 depending on experience. 

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to [email protected]